What I like to call “potty ethics.”

It’s amazing how many people back home in New York get sick, and how often. I think it’s due to the fact that the tidy factor there is so far behind of any other country.

It’s as if nobody cares about themselves or anyone else. Are American’s really that spoiled, selfish and lazy? Well I’m not sure, but this is not the case right now.

I’ve noticed that almost every store in Japan has either a sink, or some form of hand sanitizer around. Isn’t that great? I mean, you don’t want to eat a meal with dirty hands, or touch around places where other people may have sneezed in their hand and touched.

Another thing I like is that there’s a bathroom almost anywhere you go, and you don’t need to ask to use it, like you’re some fucking junkie in need of a quick hit or some shit. Although, I know it’s fucked up where I’m from, hopefully one day that’ll all change. But I have always wondered where the hell do they expect you to urinate/defecate if you can’t use any bathrooms in the city? Seriously, you hae to risk your fucking bladder exploding or something.


~ by helgeninjapan on January 7, 2010.

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