Yes, I remember I have a blog!

It took me long enough to make a new blog post. It is because I have stuff to do, and I am usually bullshitting on Facebook (yes, I actually got sucked in by it.)

Well basically, I still been studying Japanese any way my stupid head can, and I been trying to meet more people and do more things, but there isn’t much to do here, so I have to travel a bit.

So far, I have went to Fukuoka, and went to a famous 3rd Strike arcade called “Monkey House.” I played Deshiken over there and a few other players. Everyone was pretty cool.

I also recorded some video blogs, and I will make a separate section for those, or I could simply link to my youtube page. Whatever I feel ;).

I visited a cool street wear store a driving distance away from my house called Bee Hive. I wanted to work there, but I must speak Japanese obviously. And knowing me, I could talk about fashion for a long time, so I would indeed need to speak the language and read more of it.

Well, I might separate my posts from here on end so that I have more things to talk about, because right now everything is mad clumped up. Until then, will post things more in order.



~ by helgeninjapan on March 22, 2010.

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